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CentexGrandma Thanks for all the help! LOL micki , same here. The Gazelle is intended for home use only and not under warranty if used in a commercial setting. Rain MTC is easy. I am worried that if I get one now customer service won’t be available for much longer or that I might have trouble finding accessories or parts for it.

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Bosskut gazelle Kut customer service goes above and beyond, and there are no set times for support. Being the owner of other cutters, I will by saying that they are all stored in a drawer bosskut gazelle up space. The Gazelle is intended for home use only and not under warranty if used in a commercial setting. Bosskut gazelle now it’s all I use.

I mainly want to do hobby vinyl, and my Cricut did that beautifully.

Gazelle wanted to let you know how much I love my Gazelle electronic cutter as well as the Bosskut company’s tech support. My sincere condolences on bosskut gazelle husband.

Now I have two programs to learn!

Boss Kut Gazelle | Blog

Bosskut gazelle am not bosskut gazelle sure where all my supplies are, but I am going to find ’em and find bosskut gazelle to play again. Cuts card stock, glitter paper, chipboard, balsa wood, foam, Grafix plastic sheets, bosskut gazelle papers, vinyl and other media.


RainI think you have already answered your own questions It seems that the Gazelle gaze,le the closest to perfect for bosskut gazelle I want I started another thread in this forum asking for suggestions for which machine would be best for me and after posting it, I found the Gazellebut since its popularity seems gszelle have declined dramatically, I am a little bit afraid to buy it. Bought the new versions of Gaaelle Time because something new was added, then I never used it.

Better vinyl is MUCH easier to work with. Once you understand its quirks, there should be no worries about it becoming obsolete. First and foremost, the Gazelle is a lean, mean die-cut machine.

Is it “too late” to get a Bosskut Gazelle? — Make The Cut! Forum

bosskut gazelle Click here to order! May in General. I decided to get the Gazelle after all! I’ll bosskut gazelle happy to tell you more as I learn more about mine. Looks like that is the only model bosskut gazelle company has sold for years and there doesn’t seem to be much discussion about it in the last several years on any of the discussion boards I’ve looked at. Terri is their support person, and she bbosskut still available to answer questions.

Where is the best place you’ve found bosskut gazelle get it? It’s pretty easy to learn.


Boss Kut Gazelle

Never had a problem with it. If I am working with a design that uses mostly text I use the eClips because eCal is actually a lot better than MTC in bosskut gazelle able to change fonts without having to re-type everything. The owners are hands-on and care if you have any issues.

bosskut gazelle

I’ve heard other machines have problems cutting perfect circles, but I’ve never had a problem with circles or detailed designs. Rainbuy MTC, you will not be disappointed.

For a complete list see the lower portion on this page of listed items. Cuts materials up to 12 inches in width! The CE has left the building! It’s past my bedtime. Bosskut gazelle bought some Hobby Lobby brand and some Cricut brand vinyl the other bosskut gazelle just bosskut gazelle practice on and to see which I like better, but since you’ve had such good luck with the Oracal, I’d bosskut gazelle to get some of it.

It’s here, and I’m completely confused about bosskut gazelle to do with it. MTC Scared me at first.