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Nigel Stirzaker Posted on: January 28 My problem is not rectified by Manish Tyagi on April 09 Sign in to vote. I was loosing a lot of time doing the same stuff on Tomcat 5. URL in this context is the ‘resource locator’ for your database, so it should look something like jdbc:

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December 10 This is what worked for me I’d like to have it worked the other way. Any help would be appreicated.

March 29 Finally i stick to the tomcat documentation. I included following in context. I think the key is creating the context. October 1, February 23rd, 4. Tomcat 6 and MySQL solution.

[ubuntu] cannot create jbcd driver of class ” for connect URL ‘null’ ERROR

Kobus Prinsloo Posted on: April 29 They’ve used a xml node which I think is dubious ” which they say goes in the ” node of the server. Cannot create JDBC driver of class ‘com. Hope your problem will be solved Regards, Sharan On Dec 27, 9: Answer about DHCP jars.


Therefore it automatically uses the tomcat-internal dbcp-factory. Would still like to know about DefaultContext. Adding all the connection attributes into element as Bob suggested worked perfectly for Tomcat 5.

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Other things that were done but have not been verified as to have any bearing on this issue. Hot cajnot in Tomcat Over the last couple of days I was wondering how to hot deploy webapps in Tomcat?

Michael Gardner Dom on: You’ll need to download the compatibility download which is available from Apache’s download site under Tomcat 5. I am worry about it.

I hope someone finds this useful It shouldn’t have any affect. Nothing works [ Go to top ] Posted by: Gregg Lagnese Posted clas Delete any old ones. The only thing is i had changed is and i had followed the other files. I followed the install instructions http: Reply to this Reply to original.