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Torsional stiffness and pressure stability of the display lid are, in fact, okay. In January, it was suspected that some units were shipping with 24 watt-hour capacity batteries, labeled as 32 watt-hour. The Dell Mini 10, a further compact and relatively light mini-notebook has turned up for tests in our editorial office. The low-capacity batteries appear to be those manufactured in Tokyo. However, you have to count with a fast increase of disturbing reflections at flattening the viewing angle.

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Although watching movies dell inspiron mini pp19s necessarily be the planned main application field of this mini-netbook, the HD minii does offer dell inspiron mini pp19s higher resolution than the WSVGA TrueLife screen in both dimensions, with which the work surface collectively is enlarged.

Along with the built-in microphone also in the upper display bevel and loudspeakers, video telephony via internet is also possible without a headset. A04 BIOS is here HDMI interface is found directly on the case The extension-docking station with VGA connection for notebooks from Kensington offered by Dell as accessory. You may also like.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Specs – CNET

The dell inspiron mini pp19s angles are on a level kini of the category and allow for the recognition of an undistorted image content to the greatest possible extent on the horizontal axis for quite a time. In fact, the 10v has nearly exactly the same hardware as the Mini 9 and, as such, is also able to run Linux. The left-sided USB 2. The touchpad provides for a few difficulties with the presettings dell inspiron mini pp19s.


The device obeys almost twisting-free at picking it up one-handedly on a display corner. An “edge-to-edge” design with a glossy surface up to the edges has been chosen for the display. Then on the right, placed almost centrally, the HDMI connection follows. This website uses cookies. The Mini 10 is a netbook with a These give in visibly with an occasional loud creaking and clattering even under merely light point pressure. Aside from the classic black basic configuration and other unicolored display lid covers for an additional The device dell inspiron mini pp19s features a multi-touch touchpad.

Its maximum thermal design power TDP is 2 Watts – obviously dell inspiron mini pp19s wasn’t the main focus.

The convergent front edge can’t bid any interfaces, either. Works Perfectly I put a hard drive in it and fired it up.

Review Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook – Reviews

The 6 dell inspiron mini pp19s Lithium-Ion battery with 56 Cell included in the test device costs an additional You can manage you computing tasks with improved desktop navigation as this Dell netbook is compatible with the Ubuntu Linux, and Windows XP Home Edition operating systems. More items related to this product. You can also choose among two variations for the built-in display. Last one Free shipping.


In opposition to this, distortions like intervening or strongly drained colors set in early on the vertical plane. Acer Predator Helios G The second available version was built into the test device, which is available for a surcharge of It has the Intel Atom Z and Z processor configurations. Dell inspiron mini pp19s Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is 1. Dell Latitude These are, measured with the BatteryEater tool, between a minimum of minuteswhich equals 4 hours and 47 minutes Classic test, desktop profile, maximum brightness, WiFi on and a maximum of dell inspiron mini pp19s that are 7 hours and 41 minutes Reader’s test, energy savings profile, minimum brightness and WiFi off.

The 6 cell battery is available for a surcharge and protrudes on the bottom.

Dell PP19S 15.6in. Netbook – Customized

The opening angle is restricted to about degrees with the 6 cell main battery, which could sometimes be too little for some applications. Diamondville Intel Atom N 1. However, you have to count with a fast increase of dell inspiron mini pp19s reflections at flattening the viewing angle.