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When you choose a game, you enter a menu that gives you options for cheating, soft reset, slow-motion switch, and the actual slow-motion level. The reader works quite fast, but it scratches the G6DS Real a little bit when it is inserted and removed. There will also be a cheat tab to enable cheats linked to that game more on that later. You can sort the games in the list either by file name or by size, ascending and descending. As regards ROM playing – absolutely great performance — I tested loads of games and it worked without a glitch. Far nicer than any other box the M3 team has pumped out.

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Fortunately, you can also use the face buttons to navigate. The card is ready.

G6 DS real – latest firmware???

Just be aware that, obviously, everything on your card will be wiped if you choose to format it. Yes, my password is: You can have up to a total of 5 different skins to select from, and they are selectable from within the GUI.

It can hold 2 cards and it is the same as the one that goes with R4DS card. There’s no need to flash new firmware on the cart.

With their original G6 Flash and the G6 Lite, the G6 team have made quite a big impression in the Nintendo flash kit market. The first time you connect the 2 devices cart and linker combinedWindows or whatever OS you’re using should install it automatically as a removable drive which will then appear as a new drive letter in explorer.


G6DS Real – WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki

Far nicer than any other box the M3 team has pumped out. Easy enough to take a peak at the PCB I thought to myself.

Then you see the famous TouchPod screen as well as a toned-down version of the G6 loader. The G6DS Real does not damage or get damaged because of this. Scarlet Oct 30, In general, the G6DS Real has the best of everything assuming that the auto-DLDI patcher comes out in Juneand even though it is a seemingly high price in the current market, the G6DS Real is a bargain compared with slightly older carts.

Press the “start” button while booting up the NDS.

G6DS Real Review

The drive should be empty. Buy DSLink flash card.

Search titles only Posted by V6ds The card holder is a nice freebie. Enlace al hilo de su foro: With that aside, lets talk about the main selling point of the G6DS, download play support. Using a tiny head Philips screwdriver the screw comes out, and the case finally falls apart. Hopefully this can be fixed in a future update.


G6DS Real for NDS Roms Review

Of course, the most important object in the package was the G6DS Real itself. PdaDS is not available. Would you like one? However, please make sure that the “Cheat Code function” and “Reset” function is suspended. Mario Kart DS didn’t work before, but with the new 2. Simple operation of G6DS: Not only about the screen base map may also replace, the vegetable single scroll, the tool fence, the chart sign, the button, the typeface color and so on may realize from the definition, the new system also supports the dynamic chart sign demonstration function, has increased the more creations space for the contact surface design.

This isn’t an issue, as they’re not really needed anyway.

Fortunately there is a speedier way of finding the correct cheat file. When you choose a game, you enter a menu that gives you options for cheating, soft reset, slow-motion deal, and the actual slow-motion level.

The soft reset pretty much worked with every game I tried.