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When you’ve finished, press Print to batch print the set. The printer recognized it was tethered to a computer, the computer knew it was out there and once we set the resolution of our image to fit the 4×6 page size, we were in business. In standalone mode you can edit and enhance your photos before printing. Initial setup is simple; unwrap and install the ribbon cartridge, load the paper cassette tray, plug in the power cord, connect the controller, turn it on and insert a memory card — you’re ready to print! Just you wait, Hi-Touch Imaging http:

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HiTi Dye Sublimation Compact Photo Printer 640PS

A Printout Setting option to make persistent changes to the brightness, contrast and color cast in the printer. Cut sheet paper, perforated to 4×6 size, is fed into the straight-through paper path pronter a small, sheet cassette.

Using the menus you can select the desired format photo paper, sticker sheetsID Photo, Index Print, etc. Instead of hard to reach buttons or a fixed-mount LCD screen that requires you to adjust to hiti photo printer 640ps angle, the controller can be handheld to suit the user.

The six-button controller with a 1. Hi-Touch backs the PS with hiti photo printer 640ps one-year warranty, but support is limited. The Bad Prints only photi sheets; limited tech support.

She observed astutely that the icons for the card reader would be clearer if embossed on the side of the printer, showing the correct orientation. We have a few quibbles with the PS. And she managed to load a new cartridge with no trouble. They also require rather hiti photo printer 640ps use to avoid head clogging.


The LCD on the controller displays a hiti photo printer 640ps menu of icons. The Good Outstanding print quality; easy to use; can print without a PC.

The controller has a 1. Print Settings Summary Nothing fancy yet Hi-Touch told us not to expect more than simple printing from the beta drivers. The Ribbon And she had a ball. Besides prints, you can create ID photos, contact sheets, and photo stickers with optional paper but nothing bigger than 4×6.

You preview your digital images on the 1. You can print 12 one-inch ID photos or 9 two-inch ID photos on a 4×6 sheet. It’s not the closest thing to drugstore prints, it surpasses them.

Dye sub printing is continuous tone printing think real printsnot screen printing as on an inkjet. Color matching is unreliable just try changing paper brands some time and the process is messy.

While previewing your images, you can press the Edit button. June When it comes to sequels featuring impossible acrobatics, great hacking and spectacular special effects, the HiTi PS 460ps not take a back seat to The Matrix Reloaded. See the next page of this review for the Windows driver options. The company provides help via hiti photo printer 640ps and by phone only during weekday business hours, and calls are not toll-free.


And those inkjet prints have no water or UV resistant qualities. Review summary If your digital photos have taken up permanent residence on your PC’s hard drive, Hi-Touch Imaging’s HiTi PS photo printer delivers a hihi, speedy way to coax them into professional-looking prints. To print in standalone mode, use the handheld controller hiiti select pictures, then click OK and Print. Also included is a very powerful and easy to use software application to organize, view, edit and print your pictures.

Hiti photo printer 640ps she had a ball. Once in hiti photo printer 640ps while, you’ll want to clean paper dust off the feed transport rollers inside the printer, but that’s it.

HiTi Photo Printer ps Digitial Mini Lab x ID Cards Index Stickers | eBay

Simply pop the ribbon cartridge into the foldout door in the front, put the precut paper in the cassette, and insert your memory card of choice. The Main Page displays a set of eight icons. The space-age design has been updated from hiti photo printer 640ps “air-conditioner” look of the PS to a gun-metal blue with a huggably curvey design that’s just 6mm wider.