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I have Netgear Nighthawk router and I see the same device in my list. At this point, the driver should have compiled and installed without errors. In reply to AbbyLake’s post on September 15, Still have to investigate on this Normally NetworkManager would be the recommended way to configure wireless.

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You know, teach a man to fish kind of a thing.

Ralink RT2760, RT2790, RT2860, RT2890, RT3090, RT3091, RT3092 devices (rt2860sta)

Thank you for getting back. This Ralink Linux Client comes and goes on my Thinkcentre showing up sometimes but not all the time.

July 1st, 3. Ralink Linux Client is basically an internal chipset used by many llinux like routers, etc. Unfortunately that requires you to explicitly specify key-mgmt, group, pairwise and proto.

You don’t need to specify any options, since it only needs to be marked “up” for the scanning to work. There is also a chance that the SSID could be the same – a lot of people call the network something such as Home or Wireless and the chance is there that two nearby systems could be named the same – this is more likely when the routers are from the same manufacturer and are left at default.


Software being what it is, there are sometimes bugs, breaks, and annoyances. rt28660

There could be a router that is set with the default IP address range. And I turn off WiFi on my unused devices laptop, Kindle. I also have a Thinkpad notebook computer running Windows 7 Pro on my home network and this phantom device never shows up on Network on the Thinkpad.

Ralink Linux Client – Microsoft Community

July 1st, 9. Intel Core-i3 3. Originally Posted by liunx. While other devices that are connected to your router do not appear in the Network section of your system under you connect them specifically, the RalinkLinuxClient internal chipset uses the same IP address range as your router, especially if your router uses the default IP address range.

RT2860 Wireless Driver for Linux Kernels 2.6.27 – 2.6.29

Today, the familiar Ralink reference was replaced by something under ‘Computers’ called thor. What I suspect we have here is a driver conflict. Are you on a home group? In reply to AbbyLake’s post on September 14, A Samsung television might rtt2860 using a Ralink chipset.

Open a console window and use the “tar” command: This could be checked by temporarily switching Off these external devices and observing if the RalinkLinuxClient still remains. Before you modify it, back up the registry for restoration in case problems occur. Search first using Google and the search phrase “rt” and a few words describing the problem.


I t seems that your wireless router has picked up another router that’s in range.

Thanks for the explanation and thanks again for the help. In reply ft2860 Anil Kumar B’s post on September 15, I set it up with a WEP access point as below. If you can tell me that this Ralink thing is not harmful and simply a misrepresentation of some present or old network, I will ignore it.

rtsta – Debian Wiki

For my router, it is However, we cannot ignore the possibility of a malicious threat, thus we could try switching Off devices connected to the router one by one and checking if it was any one of them. We cannot deny that possibility and would make linyx that the system is not compromised for linu reason. The installation process consists obtaining the source code, compiling and installing the driver.

Windows 10 Pro CPU: In reply to AbbyLake’s post on September 15,