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Page 48 Keep used toner cartridges in their plastic bags inside their boxes to be collected by your service representative. Macintosh OS X driver: Page 85 Useful copy operations Detail A maximum of 10 copy programs can be registered. Table of contents Table Of Contents File Type This parameter is not available when sending to a fax number. Color This parameter is not available when sending to a fax number.

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Reducing Paper Use While Copying Double-sided copying When printing a large number of single-sided originals, print on both sides of the paper use by half. From the Administrator Management screen, settings can also be specified to forward received fax data and print the data olivetti d-color mf201 plus this machine.


Due to the counterfeit prevention feature that this machine is equipped with, images may be distorted. Page 82 Load the paper into the tray. Selecting The Paper Page 80 When copying onto paper larger than the original, load the olivetti d-color mf201 plus with the same orientation as the paper.

Page Attributes d-Color MF Useful network scan operations Registering an e-mail address To register an e-mail address, specify PC and E-Mail settings. With polling transmissions, the receiver incurs the cost of the transmission.

Faxing Data Directly From A Computer Data created on the computer can be sent to a destination fax machine with the same settings as if it is printed. When it is time to replace an imaging unit, the following message appears If it is replaceable by the user.


File Name The name olivetti d-color mf201 plus the attached olivetti d-color mf201 plus can be changed. Detail For details on the replacement procedure, refer to page of this manual. Useful network scan operations Transmitting with the background color adjusted Background Adjustment When scanning a original with a colored background, a cleaner scan can be created by lightening the background.

Toner for Olivetti D-Color MF 201 Plus

Display Settings The first screen olifetti is displayed before the machine is operated is called the olivetti d-color mf201 plus screen. Page 78 Useful copy operations If “4in1” is selected, the page arrangement can be selected. Page Page – Sending originals by e-mail Page Page – Reducing printing costs Page Page Page – Sending confidential documents Page Page – Forwarding received data Page – Faxing data directly from a computer Page – Registering one-touch destinations from Turning on the machine d-Color MF For details on sending a original to multiple destinations, refer to page olivteti this manual.

Useful copy operations Combined copies Select “2in1” or “4in1”, depending on the olivetti d-color mf201 plus of pages that can be printed on a single page.

Adjusting The Image Quality The document can be printed with the image quality appropriate for the contents of the document. Olivetti d-color mf201 plus Fax Operations Performed Until Now A log of the transmissions and receptions can olivettl viewed in a report and printed.


Toner expelled from the fire may cause burns. Basic tab Macintosh OS X driver: We cannot guarantee proper operation other than the compatible models. For example, if a third party patent license is required to allow d-Color MF Page Program subject to olivetti d-color mf201 plus terms and conditions.

Olivetti d-Color MF201 plus Manuals

The document can be printed overlapping a watermark text stamp. Only for the U.

Detail The destination can be specified by touching a one-touch dial button. Two olivetti d-color mf201 plus pages scanned with the ADF can be reduced and sent as a single page. Lpus, when a color copy is folded, the toner at the fold may peel off. Do not ignore these safety advices.

Basic Copy Operation Basic copy operation This section contains information on the general operation for copying. Scan Size Specify the area of the document to be scanned.